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Temperature measurement during cooking using an infrared thermometer.

  • June 30 2023
  • Riho Kato
放射温度計 AD-5635


When cooking dishes such as frying or stir-frying,

do you pay attention to the temperature of the oil or the frying pan?

Have you ever experienced food not crisping up and turning soggy due to low oil temperature or

the surface getting burnt while the inside remains undercooked due to excessively high temperature?

Additionally, there might be instances where the frying pan gets too hot and causes burning.


To enhance the taste and quality of cooking,

it becomes crucial to adjust the temperature of the oil or frying pan based on the ingredients being fried or stir-fried.

Temperature control is also important in bread making, pastry baking, and preparing milk for babies.

Moreover, when brewing coffee or tea, using water at the optimal temperature allows for a delicious final result.


To measure temperatures during cooking, many people use probe thermometers or stick thermometers.

However, some may find them inconvenient due to the need for washing them after each use

and the time it takes to obtain a temperature reading.

Are you among those who find these aspects inconvenient?



In such situations, a non-contact infrared thermometer is convenient. It allows for measurement without physical contact,

eliminating the need for washing after each use and providing peace of mind in terms of hygiene.

Moreover, it typically provides rapid measurements in about 1 second,

making it effortless to use even during simultaneous processes in baking or other culinary activities,

allowing for instant temperature readings.


Non-contact temp. measurement vs contact measurement

However, when using an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of items with steam or vapor,

such as hot water, it is important to note that it may inadvertently measure the temperature of the steam as well,

leading to inaccuracies. To obtain more accurate measurements, wait until the steam has reduced before taking the measurement.

Additionally, please be aware that there may be temperature variations between the surface and the interior of the object

being measured. To account for this, it is recommended to thoroughly mix the substance before taking the measurement.

(Reference:  "Measuring temperature of water and glass through infrared thermometer)



Among infrared thermometers, the compact and waterproof AD-5617WP model ensures safe usage

even in environments where water is present.