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Measuring Water Temperature in Fishing Using a Radiation Thermometer

  • July 3 2023
  • Riho Kato
放射温度計 AD-5635

Have You Considered Water Temperature While Fishing?

Fish are known to be sensitive to even a 1°C change in water temperature, which can trigger significant behavioral changes.

Each type of fish has its preferred water temperature, and their habitat varies accordingly.

Knowing the appropriate water temperature for baitfish and other factors can further increase your chances of success in fishing.

With a water temperature gauge, you can determine the optimal temperature for your target fish's activity and

adjust your actions and bait accordingly, leading to better results.

In particular, a non-contact radiation thermometer allows you to measure water temperature without submerging the thermometer,

maintaining a certain distance. It also offers the advantage of rapid measurement, providing results in approximately one second.


Infrared thermometer fishing

AD-5617WP is equipped with IP67 waterproof functionality, allowing you to use it with confidence near water or on rainy days.AD-5617WP


However, there are two important points to note when measuring water temperature with a radiation thermometer.

①Measuring surface temperature:

It is important to keep in mind that the radiation thermometer measures the surface temperature of the water.

(Reference:  Measuring Temperature of Water and Glass through Infrared Thermometers 

Another point to consider is that as the distance increases, the measurement range becomes wider, making it more prone to errors.

(Reference: The relationship between the distance & measurement range (D:S) )


The measurement results should be considered as a reference.

To obtain a more accurate temperature reading, it is recommended to perform measurements at a closer distance

and take multiple readings to calculate an average.