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Four measurement methods of calipers

  • August 22 2023
  • Riho Kato
デジタルノギス AD-5767


With calipers, you can measure various lengths;

however, the measurement method differs depending on the location you want to measure.

In this article, we will introduce four measurement methods of calipers.


【Outside measurement】

When measuring the outer diameter of an object, use the outer measurement jaws to clamp the object,

ensuring that the outer measurement surface is in close contact with the object for measurement.

Measure with outside mesurement surface-1


【Inside measurement】

When measuring the inner diameter of holes, pipes, or similar objects, insert the inner measurement jaws (beak) into the measuring area,

ensuring that the inner measurement surface is in close contact with the object for measurement.


Inside measurement jaw


【Depth measurement】

When measuring the depth of holes or grooves, ensure that the depth reference surface is in close contact with the measuring area,

then insert the depth bar and place it against the bottom for measurement.


Depth mesurement-1


Using the depth bar for depth measurement can be unstable.

Therefore, if the measuring surface is sufficiently wide, consider performing a step measurement


【Step measurement】

 Insert the step measurement surface into the measuring area and perform the measurement.

Step mesurement surface-1


If the corners of the step are rounded, perform depth measurement using the depth bar.

Calipers that do not align the main scale and the slider's edge when closed cannot perform step measurement.

We also offer digital calipers that are capable of performing step measurements.

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