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How to use caliper correctly

  • August 22 2023
  • Riho Kato
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When measuring with a caliper, if not used correctly, there can be errors in the results.

The same applies even when using a digital caliper.

In this article, we will provide tips for accurately measuring the length of an object using a caliper, divided by measurement methods.


【Outside measurement】

①How to clamp the measured object

When performing outside measurements,

Do not pinch at the tip of the jaws. Instead, measure the object by pinching it at the center of the outer measurement surfaces.

Please note that you should not use the recessed area called the "escape" at the back when doing so.

How to measure correctly with caliper



If there is a thumb roller attached, roll the thumb roller,

Adjust it so that the measured object adheres vertically to the outer measuring surface.


②Jaw angle

When gripping the measured object with the jaws, make sure the jaws are perpendicular to the axis of the measured object.

How to measure correctly with caliper from a top view



【Inner measurement】

③Beak position (Cylinders)

When measuring the hole diameter of objects like cylinders, insert the beak (inner measurement jaw)

into the center of the circle and align it with the diameter.


Cyrinder from a top view


④Beak position and angle

The beak should not be used to measure at its tip; instead, insert it deeply into holes or grooves.

Also, position the beak so that it aligns parallel to the centerline of the measured object.



When measuring hole diameters, insert the beak so that it is perpendicular to the centerline of the measured object.

From a top view block



【Depth measurement】

⑤Position and angle of the depth bar

When measuring the depth of holes or grooves, place the depth bar against the bottom of the hole,

align the depth reference surface against the edge, and stand it vertically.

Note that the corners of the hole's bottom might be rounded, so position the "escape" against the corner.

Depth mesurement



【Step measurement】

⑥Secure contact between the measured object and caliper

Pinch at the center of the step measurement surface and ensure close contact between the step of the measured object and the step of the main scale or slider of the caliper.

Step mesurement surface


Some calipers come equipped with a thumb roller.

By rotating the thumb roller with your thumb, you can slide the slider forward and backward with one hand for adjustment.

Moreover, thanks to the fine adjustments enabled, it's ideal for tasks involving sorting objects of the same dimensions.

We also offer models with thumb rollers in our product lineup.




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